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Orlando's Local mortgage lender 

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Orlando's Local Mortgage Lender

When you apply for a mortgage loan, you want to feel the peace of mind that you have made the right decision for yourself and your family. My initial goal is to prepare you and guide you each step of the way until you become a new Florida homeowner. 

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Obtaining a mortgage by an experience Sr. Loan Officer 

Applying for a  mortgage loan can be intimidating and confusing, which is why with my 15 years of experience, my goal is to make your loan process simple and easier to understand.  

As Sr. Loan Officer in Orlando, FL, I have been able to help my clients purchase all sources of properties, from single-family, townhouses, condos, and land. 

Which mortgage loan is right for you? - the more options you have, the better for you.

Most of the people that apply for a mortgage loan do not qualify right of way, it requires planning and preparation. As a mortgage lender, if you are not ready, we will create an Action Plan to make sure you clear your path to homeownership as soon as possible.  

FHA- VA- USDA- Conventional loans- don't worry, we will cover all these mortgage loans and ensure we find the best mortgage loan for you. 

Investment property loans to help build wealth

As a Sr. Loan Officer in Orlando, I work with many experienced and novice investors.  Many of these investors are looking for flexibility with different mortgage loans. As a real estate investor, knowing your numbers is crucial to make a proper financial decision. 

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