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Self-employed borrowers in Orlando, FL 

For many self-employed borrowers, getting a mortgage loan will take planning. The soon we can sit and look at your situation, the sooner we can create a plan to put you on a path to homeownership. 

For the past ten years, I have specialized in mortgage loans for the Self-employed, and my goal is to create a plan that will offer you a mortgage that will save you time and money. 

Mortgage loans for Self-employed 


Tax returns- Income

Bank Statements- Income

Profit & Loss or 1099- Income

We can use two years or

One-year tax returns. 

debt management is the key

starting one year before the purchase 


No taxes are needed, source of income

deposit into a bank account. Personal

or business. Twelve or Twenty four


No taxes needed, source of income

Profit & Loss (Unaudited)  or

Average of 1099 forms 

for past two years

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